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Laura Pope Robbins is an advisor for The Charleston Advisor, and the comparative review below is included in Scholarly Commons with the permission of the publisher.

Today’s researchers are extremely mobile and are looking for ways to read and annotate documents when not in their offices. GoodReader and PDF Reader Pro are two apps that provide that capability for iPad users. Both apps can read multiple file formats and provide file management tools like rename, move, and delete. As well, they can both be linked to multiple cloud services to upload and download files. Neither app is integrated with an online bibliographic manager at this point, but since both can use Dropbox, which can be integrated with Zotero or Mendeley, this is not a problem. Additionally, both apps provide similar annotation tools, such as highlighting, underlining, strikethroughs, typed notes, sticky notes, and freehand drawing. With such similarities it would seem that a researcher could use either app, and indeed both are very useful, but there are distinctive differences between them. Choosing between them depends upon what features a researcher would need and use.

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The Charleston Advisor



The Charleston Advisor

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Laura Pope Robbins was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University when this article was published.