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Laura Pope Robbins is an advisor for The Charleston Advisor, and the review below is included in Scholarly Commons with the permission of the publisher.

Knimbus is both a search engine and a collaborative platform for scientists to find the information they need and connect them with other researchers in their field. As a search engine it provides a federated search of 32 Open Access resources and connects the researcher to the full text. As a collaborative platform, it provides a way for scientists to upload their documents and share them with their colleagues. Knimbus is an enterprising project that has excellent potential. Unfortunately, the searching is not as straightforward as it could be within the free version of the product and can provide irrelevant results. It shares the same problems as any federated search, but adds a few new ones with its search language.

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The Charleston Advisor



The Charleston Advisor

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Laura Pope Robbins was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University when this article was published.