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"Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA)-derived data was used to develop parsimonious model(s) for fuel consumption on a Boeing 757 airplane using regression analysis. Using the model(s), it should be possible to identify outliers (specific flights) with respect to fuel consumption, which will enable the air carrier to investigate the cause of excessive fuel consumption and remedy the problem A major air carrier provided the database used for the study. Fuel flow was predicted by calibrated airspeed, gross weight, and n2 (ENG[1 or 2]n2). The models containing these three variables explained approximately 85% of the variation in fuel flow. A reporting routine using these models and FOQA data should be incorporated into the ongoing quality assurance program of the air carrier."

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Journal of Air Transportation


Aviation Institute, University of Nebraska at Omaha

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Recipient of the Sorensen Best Paper Award, 2003