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Enterprise architecture has been continuously developing since the mid-1980s. Although there is now 35 years of research and use, there is still a lack consistent definitions and standards. This is apparent in the proliferation of so many different enterprise architecture frameworks. Despite the significant body of research, there is a need for standardization of terminology based upon a meta-analysis of the literature. Enterprise architecture programs require commitment throughout an organization to be effective and must be perceived to add value. This research offers an initial basis for researchers who need to expand and continue this research topic with an actual meta-analysis, and for practitioners who would like to use an efficient method for EA projects.

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Journal of Information Systems Applied Research


Information Systems and Computing Academic Professionals

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This article started as a presentation given at the 2018 Conference on Information Systems Applied Research (CONISAR), held in Norfolk, VA, in November 2018. The presentation was published in the 2018 proceedings volume from CONISAR.