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For the first time to the best of our knowledge, a simultaneous 10.6 μm CO2 laser pulse has been used to enhance the Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) emission from a 1.064 μm Nd:YAG laser induced plasma on a hard target. The enhancement factor was on the order of 25 to 300 times, depending upon the emission lines observed. For an alumina ceramic substrate the Al emission lines at 308 nm and Fe impurity line at 278 nm showed an increase of 60x and 119x, respectively. The output energy of the Nd:YAG laser was 50 mJ/pulse focused to a 1 mm diameter spot to produce breakdown. The CO2 laser pulse had a similar energy density of 40 mJ/mm2 . Timing overlap of the two laser pulses within 1 microsecond was important for enhancement to be observed. An observed feature was the differential enhancement between different elemental species and also between different ionization states, which may be helpful in the application of LIBS for multi-element analysis.

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Optics Express



Optical Society of America

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Dr. Allen was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time this article was published.