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The purpose of this study was to explore methods to promote effective undergraduate student learning through inquiry-based research in the classroom and to determine what the benefits of doing so might be. The study begins by outlining how undergraduate inquiry-based research increases the undergraduate student learning model and then lists steps to accomplish this process. The study outlines two options offered as a workable process to promote faculty and student inquiry-based in-class research. The first option is for undergraduate students to engage in inquiry-based research with the assistance of one-on- one mentoring by the instructor. The second option allows for teams of students to do research with the assistance of mentoring by the instructor. The results of this current study concluded that an undergraduate inquiry-based research program benefits students and faculty in several ways as described in this paper. The study findings may contribute to a better understanding of how colleges and universities can further promote undergraduate learning in the classroom though student-centered, inquiry-based research.

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The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning


Kai Wang and P.Y. Gloria Wang