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With the rapid development of Internet of Things, massive mobile intelligent terminals are ready to access edge servers for real-time data calculation and interaction. However, the risk of private data leakage follows simultaneously. As the administrator of all intelligent terminals in a region, the edge server needs to clarify the ability of the managed intelligent terminals to defend against malicious attacks. Therefore, the security level classification for mobile intelligent terminals before accessing the network is indispensable. In this paper, we firstly propose a safety assessment method to detect the weakness of mobile intelligent terminals. Secondly, we match the evaluation results to the security level. Finally, a scheme of security level classification for mobile intelligent terminals based on Adaboost algorithm is proposed. The experimental results demonstrate that compared to a baseline that statistically calculates the security level, the proposed method can complete the security level classification with lower latency and high accuracy when massive mobile intelligent terminals access the network at the same time.

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The Journal of Supercomputing



Springer US