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Individual personality assessments tools have a strong following among Fortune 100 companies.[1] Besides being used for hiring purposes, individual personality assessment tools give project managers insight into personality and aspirations, as well as how they process and organize information, make decisions, and interact with team members and other stakeholders. The aim of this research study was to explore what personality traits project managers need to lead a project team effectively. To accomplish this, we employed the Big Five Personality® and the 1/11 Myers-Briggs (MBTI®) personality assessments to identify favorable personality traits and characteristics when managing projects.

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Graziadio Business Review


Pepperdine University

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This article is copyrighted and has been reprinted with permission from Pepperdine University:

"An Insight to Project Manager Personality Traits Improving Team Project Outcomes" by Tom Henkel, PhD, PMP, Gordon Haley, DBA, Debra Bourdeau, PhD and Jim Marion, PhD, PMP.

Graziadio Business Review Blog, 2019.

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