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Fall 9-3-2019


In today’s global economy, the airport industry has achieved uneven results in reporting a balance of growth to preserving environment, enhancing social equity, and providing economic benefits for its stakeholders. Is the absence of reporting consistency a matter of initiative, knowledge, resources or a combination of factors? This exploratory case study reviewed the current sustainability efforts and reporting of 12 randomly selected United States commercial service airports to address what economic, environmental, and social sustainability initiatives were published, what tangible effects the efforts had on stakeholder engagement, and identified the best practices that could be implemented within the industry. Data was collected via press releases, airport and governmental websites as well as social media accounts and analyzed through content analysis. The results suggested that while some airports provided an abundance of sustainability related information, other airports did not provide any evidence of sustainability efforts. While the obvious finding is that all of the airports could improve consistency in sustainability reporting, the more troubling relationship is a lack of any connection or commonalities in initiatives, reporting, or transparency. Our findings support the need to create an Airport Social Responsibility (ASR) model that leads to authentic stakeholder engagement.


British Academy of Management


Birmingham, United Kingdom

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