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Apparatus , materials , and techniques and techniques herein can include providing a deposited layer comprising a com posite material including carbon nanotubes ( CNTs ) . Accord ing to various examples , the composite can be applied to a substrate such as using a solution containing CNTs and other constituents such as sulfur . The solution can be spray applied to a substrate , or spin - coated upon a substrate , such as to provide a uniform , conductive , and optically - transpar ent film layer . In one application , such a film layer can be clad or otherwise assembled in a stack - up including a substrate and cover layer ( e . g . , glass layers ) , such as to provide a transparent assembly . Such an assembly can include a portion of a window , such as a windscreen for a vehicle , where the CNT material can provide a conduction medium for Joule heating .

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Application US15/484,943


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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Provisional application No. 62/320,975

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