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Spring 2019


Education researchers have conducted studies on the relationship of learning mode to student performance, but few studies have evaluated pass rate, grade distribution and student withdrawal rate in an introductory research methods course. In this study, researchers examined 2,097 student grades from the 2015-2016 academic year to determine if such a relationship existed. In this study, learning mode was significantly related to failure rate, grade distribution and withdraw rate. Synchronous video home students had a significantly higher failure rate than traditional In-Person or online students. Online student grade distributions were significantly different than In-Person classroom, synchronous video home or synchronous video classroom students. Online Students tended to earn more "A"s and fewer "B"s and "D"s. Synchronous video home students also had a significantly higher withdraw rate than synchronous video classroom students. Recommendations for further research include investigating variables which may impact student performance such as faculty experience with course content and technology and how students select learning modes when taking classes. Future research should continue to employ outcome-based studies to measure the impact of learning mode on student performance. This remains a key issue from the perspective of the students and the institution.

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The Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration


University of West Georgia