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The spacesuit curriculum under development by the Spacesuit Utilization of Innovative Technology Laboratory (S.U.I.T. Lab) in the Spaceflight Operations program of the Applied Aviation Sciences Department at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has the unique challenge of educating non-engineering students about extremely technical space systems, highlighted by spacesuits. CSO 399: “Spacesuits and Human Spaceflight Operations” course, taught in Greece each summer, introduces students to human spaceflight topics. This unique offering takes advantage of the clear water visibility in the Aegean Sea with practical underwater demonstrations of space operations. Students live in confined quarters on a sailboat for two weeks to simulate operations in a close-quarter space station, emulating astronaut living experiences. Hiking Mount Astráka in the Zagori region of Greece created an immersed environment to learn about spacewalk preparations for extravehicular activities. This course is innovative by taking students outside of the classroom to do hands-on, or gloveson, learning. Students taking this course have a drive to obtain a career in the spaceflight industry. By taking this course, students developed an understanding of the design process of human-rated spacecraft and spacesuits required to aid humans in exploring the cosmos. Nontraditional learning was reinforced by the uniqueness of the program teaching “anywhere but a classroom" and included locales such as an amphitheater on the beach, catacombs, monasteries, a church courtyard, and as micro-lessons along the way, on sailboats, buses, hotels, and underwater. By changing the locations and having students constantly adapt to new learning environments they were able to grasp a feel for the constant changing pace of the space industry and the thrill of exploration.


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