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This study examines the impact of leadership development programs on organizational outcomes and organizational effectiveness. Using a grounded theory approach, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 15 executive leaders from aviation firms in Brazil with employees participating in a leadership development program. NVivo12 was used for coding and managing the data. Thematic analysis was performed to determine themes and categories. The leadership development program was found to influence organizational level outcomes identified as themes of internal impact, external impact, skill development, and capacity. The interviews also found that executive leaders perceived the leadership development program to impact organizational effectiveness. Connections to human capital, social capital, and collective leadership were found as outcomes of the leadership development program contributing to organizational effectiveness. The findings are dependent upon the executive leaders’ interviews and are limited sample size. The protocol of subjective inter-coder reliability was followed supporting the credibility and dependability of the findings; however, researcher bias may still be present in qualitative studies. Generalizability outside of the Brazilian aviation context is cautioned until further studies in additional contexts and industries are completed. The findings of this study support leadership development programs as impactful on organizational outcomes and effectiveness. Incorporating leadership development programs as part of human capital management strategies supports organizational effectiveness through increased collective leadership capacity, human capital development, and social capital. A large amount is known regarding the outcomes for individuals as a result of leadership development programs with less examined on the contribution to organizational level outcomes and organizational effectiveness. This study aids in bridging this gap.

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International Journal of Organizational Analysis


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