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English language proficiency for the aviation industry is a critical issue given the industry’s growth in regions of the world where English is not a first or a national language. This chapter discusses language training for ab initio flight students who will comprise much of the next generation of aviation professionals (NGAP). It describes aviation English as a form of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and the language skills required for flight school contexts where English is the Medium of Instruction (EMI). The chapter advocates for the assessment of incoming ab initio flight school students using a tool adapted from the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) language proficiency requirements (LPRs) that also accounts for flight school-related language skills. Based on the language proficiency results, the chapter recommends a training curriculum informed by ESP principles that uses a Content-Based Language Teaching (CBLT) and Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) approach with materials and topics relevant to ab initio flight training.

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Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals




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