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The required meteorology coursework for 22 accredited professional flight baccalaureate degree programs was examined and compared. Significant differences were noted in both the number of required meteorology courses as well as the number of required meteorology credit hours. While all programs required at least one three-credit meteorology course, not all programs required an aviation-specific meteorology course. In addition to the required number of meteorology courses and credit hours, topics within the aviation-specific meteorology courses were also examined. The study showed the topics of “flight hazards” and “aviation weather reports and charts” were identified most frequently in course descriptions, followed third by “weather applications to flight.” However, based on the course descriptions alone, it was unclear if the meteorological theory of flight hazards was addressed in the courses or if the courses only addressed the interpretation of weather hazards charts. To improve and standardize aviation-meteorology education in professional flight-degree programs, a recommendation was made to either provide aviation-meteorology curriculum guidelines through the University Aviation Association (UAA) Curriculum Committee or to form a separate UAA Aviation-Meteorology Education Committee.

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