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A university system sets out to deliver educational experiences that meet set goals such as the achievement of learning outcomes for individual courses and program outcomes for degree programs. There are many factors that impact the successful achievement of student learning outcomes and there-fore successful program design and implementation. If courses are not effec-tively designed with assessments properly aligned to learning outcomes, student achievement is challenging to measure. If faculty do not consistently adhere to college and/or university policies regarding submission of assignments, student behavior and perceptions of expectations in future courses may be skewed. In addition, students may, for various reasons make choices that result in failure to submit assignments that serve as measures of achievement for learning objec-tives. All of these factors could lead to a system breakdown and subsequent re-search location failure to meet the established goals, i.e. student learning out-comes. In this case study, an introduction to aeronautics course used to deter-mine if the failure to submit assignments significantly impacted the achieve-ment of stated program outcomes using a systems engineering approach. Data from core courses required for degree completion were used in the study. The results indicated that the lack of assignment submission presents a flaw in the system design and that the risk of not meeting learning objectives and program outcomes is very high when students fail to submit assignments.

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Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences



Springer, Cham