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Human Factors and Behavioral Neurobiology

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Risk and risk perception remain focal areas of research within the aviation domain. The purpose of the current study was to assess an existing measure of a 26-item self-risk perception scale for pilots. A sample of 490 participants was used in the present study, and a confirmatory factor analysis was conducted on the original 26-item instrument. The findings indicated that there was a poor model fit of the original instrument. Through the use of modification indices, a new 13-item scale was produced, which resulted in a second-order CFA model. Flight risk was shown to be the second-order construct with general flight risk, high risk, and altitude risk as the first-order constructs. The new model reported good psychometric values of GFI of 0.933, AGFI of 0.893, CFI of 0.947, NFI of 0.923, normed chi-squared of 3, and RMSEA of 0.071. The findings produce a new 13-item scale that can be used by aviation researchers who wish to conduct studies related to the pilot's self-assessment of risk perception.

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The International Journal of Aviation Research


Professional Aviation Board of Certification