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This paper introduces the use of multimedia tools to create an online self-study environment to supplement the classroom instruction in engineering courses such as Graphical Communications. The topics in this course extend from hand sketching demonstrations to solid model creation using CAD software such as CATIA. Webcam, tablet PC, and Camtasia software were used to capture live examples and the recorded screencasts were posted in Blackboard. Supplemental Multimedia Online Learning Tools (SMOLT) provide students an efficient way to review the topics covered in the class, in that hand sketching and complex CAD models are often difficult to interpret through words and pictures alone. The positive survey results reflect an initial success of using multimedia tools to supplement the classroom instruction.


Indianapolis, Indiana

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Sun, L., Gribbins, C., Ferguson, I., "Supplemental Multimedia Online Learning Tool (SMOLT) in Engineering Education, 121st ASEE Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN, June 15-18, 2014.