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This paper discussed the use of the Alumni Advisory Board in assessment of capstone design projects. Since it is an ABET requirement that engineering programs obtain input from outside constituents on the continuous improvement processes for their programs, practically all engineering departments have established some form of external alumni advisory board which meets with the department administration and faculty on a regular basis, usually every semester. Since these boards are already in place, they can be used to assess the achievement of ABET student outcomes in the capstone design course. Specifically, the Alumni Advisory Board can be used to evaluate students’ oral presentations, if the schedule of their visit is aligned to coincide with the required presentations of the capstone design course. The Alumni Advisory Board members can also evaluate the final written project reports, which can be done anytime after the completion of the student projects, and so is not schedule dependent. At Bradley University we have conducted both of these assessments over the last ten years. An evaluation template has been developed for the final written reports that covers most of the ABET student outcomes a-k. A rubric has also been developed for evaluation of student poster presentations.

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Capstone Design Conference