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This paper describes the creation and implementation of the support network of the Research Scholars Program at the Worldwide campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Funded by an NSF IUSE grant, the purpose of this new program is to increase the opportunity for online engineering and engineering technology students to participate in undergraduate research. Studies have shown that participation in research can have an important impact on students, though online students are likely underrepresented in undergraduate research. The Research Scholars Program uses existing support systems of the campus while also building new components. These new components developed for this project are a research mentoring program, a workshop series, and a guided independent study course. The Research Scholars Program formalizes the process for online students at the Worldwide campus to participate in undergraduate research with a goal of having students publish and present their work.

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ASEE 2022 Annual Conference: Excellence Through Diversity


American Society for Engineering Education