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This article introduces the name change of the Society for Psychologists in Leadership (SPL), from the Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM). SPL seeks to become the premier home for psychologists who are also executives, managers, leaders, and consultants, and for psychologists who aspire to leadership positions in their organization, locally, nationally, or globally. In this article, we first discuss the founding and early years of SPIM as critical development in the recognition of psychologists as managers and leaders. Then we discuss societal and cultural changes that led to consideration of SPL rebranding and name change, including discussions of cultural and academic changes in the connotation of management vs. leadership, an increasing emphasis on psychologists as leaders, and a cultural increase in focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We discuss the board’s mixed methods approach to assessing the needs of its members, expanding the membership and value of the organization, recognizing and honoring the founders and early members, ensuring a unique identity and value of SPL, and revitalizing and refocusing the academic journal. We conclude with considerations of the future of SPL to serve psychologists in leadership in the 21st century.

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Psychology of Leaders and Leadership



Society for Psychologists in Leadership