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This paper presents an adaptive robust nonlinear control method, which achieves reliable trajectory tracking control for a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle in the presence of gyroscopic effects, rotor dynamics, and external disturbances. Through novel mathematical manipulation in the error system development, the quadrotor dynamics are expressed in a control-oriented form, which explicitly incorporates the uncertainty in the gyroscopic term and control actuation term. An adaptive robust nonlinear control law is then designed to stabilize both the position and attitude loops of the quadrotor system. A rigorous Lyapunov-based analysis is utilized to prove asymptotic trajectory tracking, where the region of convergence can be made arbitrarily large through judicious control gain selection. Moreover, the stability analysis formally addresses gyroscopic effects and actuator uncertainty. To illustrate the performance of the control law, comparative numerical simulation results are provided, which demonstrate the improved closed-loop performance achieved under varying levels of parametric uncertainty and disturbance magnitudes.

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Electrical Engineering and Systems Science



Cornell University