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Wind tunnel testing was conducted to evaluate the performance of the Integrated High Lift Propulsor (IHLP), a novel Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) system. The IHLP integrates traditional Krueger flap/slat elements with a Distributed Electric Propulsion design, enhancing high lift performance and cruise efficiency compared to conventional pylon-mounted DEP configurations. Starting from a baseline configuration determined from pretest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses, a parametric study was performed to determine the influence on the aerodynamic characteristics (���� , ����, and ����). The study involved variations in flap settings, slat angles, overlap, propeller tilt, and propeller position. The impact of Reynolds number, propeller RPM, and the use of trips on system performance were also explored. Results confirmed the effectiveness of the IHLP in achieving high lift capabilities. Experimental data generally aligned with CFD predictions, with some differences noted. Future work is proposed to further explore the design space, including variations in propeller diameter and spanwise spacing, and to provide a comprehensive comparison between experimental and CFD-predicted results. The findings from the experimental work suggest the IHLP as a promising technology for advancing high lift capabilities in DEP systems.

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AIAA Scitech 2024 Forum



American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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NSF STTR award 2210226