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This study presents the results of a parabolic flight experiment to study the sloshing dynamics of the magneto-active propellant management device experiment. This device utilizes a magnetoactive membrane and magnets located external to the tank to effectively damp the liquid free surface motion. This research work establishes a benchmark with sloshing analytical formulation and sensor calibration methods that can be used to characterize future research parabolic flights while providing important environmental profiles measured during flight, such as accelerations, pitch angle, velocity, temperature, total volatile content, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, magnetic field, and radiation. Correlation between these flight variables and the sloshing experiment are suggested to improve suppression of sloshing. Preliminary postflight analysis suggests a close correlation between high peaks of carbon dioxide and total volatile compound levels during the parabolas – levels sustained for up to one hour combined during cruise in some parabolic flights.

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AIAA Scitech 2024 Forum



American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics