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While chapters 1 and 2 explore the promise of theoretical frameworks for making conceptual change that leads to innovative action around teaching and learning in higher education, they also point out the challenges to this kind of work as teams of faculty strive to lead change in their programs and departments after completing the program. To summarize our claims thus far: one of the goals for the HCWE Faculty Writing Fellows Program is to empower faculty who participate to return to their departments to make programmatic changes—changes they identify as central to their work and values and program culture. The kinds of changes we advocate for in the Fellows Program are initially conceptual—that is, we support faculty in learning new ideas about writing and assume they will then use their new conceptions to initiate change in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and so forth. We don’t tell them how to assign or teach writing in their courses but instead support them as they think through their own ideas for innovation. As many chapters in this collection illustrate, and as chapter 2 already illustrates, such change is possible, but it is not without challenge.

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Changing Conceptions, Changing Practices: Innovating Teaching across Disciplines



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