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A simple unified Godunov-type upwind approach that does not need Riemann solvers for the flux calculation is developed for the finite volume discrete Boltzmann method (FVDBM) on an unstructured cell-centered triangular mesh. With piecewise-constant (PC), piecewise-linear (PL) and piecewise-parabolic (PP) reconstructions, three Godunov-type upwind flux schemes with different orders of accuracy are subsequently derived. After developing both a semi-implicit time marching scheme tailored for the developed flux schemes, and a versatile boundary treatment that is compatible with all of the flux schemes presented in this paper, numerical tests are conducted on spatial accuracy for several single-phase flow problems. Four major conclusions can be made. First, the Godunov-type schemes display higher spatial accuracy than the non-Godunov ones as the result of a more advanced treatment of the advection. Second, the PL and PP schemes are much more accurate than the PC scheme for velocity solutions. Third, there exists a threshold spatial resolution below which the PL scheme is better than the PP scheme and above which the PP scheme becomes more accurate. Fourth, besides increasing spatial resolution, increasing temporal resolution can also improve the accuracy in space for the PL and PP schemes.

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Computers & Mathematics with Applications



Science Direct

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Dr. Chen was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time this paper was published.