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A hot wire anemometer circuit has a calibrate subcircuit and an operate subcircuit which are selectively invoked via a user-activate mode switch. The calibrate subcircuit includes a detector configured to compare an amplified sensor voltage with an amplified drive voltage and output an indicator signal when the two voltages match. The drive voltage is derived from a user-adjusted drive resistance of a bridge subcircuit. The operate circuit includes a feedback loop which provides a signal to a bride node of a bridge circuit. After a sensor is connected to the anemometer circuit, the drive resistance is adjusted until the indicator signal is produced, signifying that the circuit is tuned and impedances are matched to prevent oscillations. A slewing network protects the sensor by short­ing the drive resistance upon switching the anemometer cir­cuit to the calibrate mode from the operate mode, and gradu­ally restoring the drive resistance when switching back.

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US 2016/0216292 Al


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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