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Apparatus and techniques are described for monitoring slosh of a liquid within a propellant tank. The approaches described herein can use an electromagnetic transmitter positioned at a first location on or within the tank, the electromagnetic transmitter coupled to a source of electro­magnetic energy and arranged to establish a specified elec­tromagnetic field configuration within the tank using a signal from the source, and an electromagnetic receiver positioned at a different second location on or within the tank, the electromagnetic receiver arranged to sense an electromag­netic field established within the tank by the electromagnetic transmitter. A control circuit can be coupled to the electro­magnetic receiver, the control circuit configured to deter­mine a characteristic of a spatial configuration of the liquid using the sensed electromagnetic field. The characteristic can include one or more of a position, a quantity, or a spatial distribution of the liquid, as an illustration.

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US 2022/0091156 Al

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