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Aircraft maintenance and inspection are complex systems that work on a time-based schedule and require teamwork of different professionals to maintain the airworthiness of aircraft. Errors in maintenance and inspection processes cause in-flight engine shutdowns, flight delays, flight cancellation, sometimes resulting in accidents and incidents that cause significant economic consequences. Due to the substantial impact on both safety and financial aspects of an air carrier, this paper focuses on hangar maintenance as the work is carried out across several shifts by different technicians, addressing various human factor issues that contribute to errors. The paper will also briefly discuss shift work and the health problems of maintenance technicians, human factor issues affecting maintenance, the significance of understanding human factor models, and the impact of maintenance and inspection errors with case studies, particularly aircraft accidents predominantly caused by human factor issues. Additionally, the paper also explores recent advances and trends in aircraft maintenance technologies, highlighting their transformative potential through predictive maintenance, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, big data analytics, blockchain, and additive manufacturing. These technologies promise enhanced efficiency, safety, and effectiveness for maintenance practices. The paper concludes by presenting insights into error management methods and providing recommendations for future research. By integrating traditional insights with cutting-edge technological considerations, this comprehensive analysis aims to significantly contribute to the evolution of safety protocols and practices within the aviation maintenance domain.

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Global Journal of Engineering and Technology Advances



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