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The NASA Nebraska Space Grant (NSGC) & EPSCoR Programs at the University of Nebraska at Omaha have embarked on a unique educational journey known as the Nebraska Native American Outreach program (NNAOP). The NNAOP’s main objective is to encourage and motivate Native American students to be more competitive in mathematics and science. This program has allowed for a variety of educational and public outreach activities to take place. However, in order to continually provide effective support to Nebraska’s Native American community, NSGC & EPSCoR sought an evaluation technique for the NNAOP. To execute such an evaluation, NSGC organized the first Nebraska Aeronautics Education Summit (NAES) Meeting. This diverse group of educators, researchers, and practitioners provided a unique opportunity to gather the evaluative information. The utilization of the summit participants’ recommendations and innovative future plans will ensure continued shared success between NSGC & EPSCoR and the Nebraska Native American community.

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