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Summer 8-2-2016


Overcome challenges - create an online classroom culture.

In 2013, over five million post-secondary students enrolled in online courses in America (National Center for Education Statistics, 2016). Many universities strive to meet student demands for this online course modality. Challenges for online students continue to exist with (1) social isolation; (2) coursework confusion; and (3) lack of teacher presence (Milheim, 2012). Studies show that by creating an online classroom culture, faculty can overcome these challenges to foster and motivate online student engagement (Ladyshewsky, 2013; Milheim, 2014; Vesely, Bloom, Sherlock, 2007). In this conference presentation, the participants surveyed online classroom culture best practices, examined an online classroom culture action plan, and collaborated with their peers.

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Ashville, NC

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This interactive session engaged the participants in defining online classroom culture. We discussed best practices from recent studies and identify elements of those best practices that are pertinent to their course and teaching style. Participants also discussed the difficulties of a consistent online classroom culture every semester and share past challenges. Participants then offered support and feedback to their peers. Next, participants surveyed the action plan to be used as a framework for consistent online classroom culture best practices. Each participant was given a blank action plan and divided into groups. They discussed their specific challenges and identified which best practices will help them to overcome their issues. They received feedback from their group to develop their own plan. After the group work was completed, the presenter asked the participants to discuss their findings and plans for fostering engagement and motivation.

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Blank Action Plan Template