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Spring 6-4-2016


In today’s digital age of global enterprise, higher education is focused on delivering high quality experiences in virtual learning environments. Instructors must be armed with the knowledge and skills to use online learning tools effectively in order to deliver an engaging learning experience for all students.It is crucial to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, possibly even more so in a virtual classroom. Students who feel welcomed and respected are more likely to engage, contribute to the course and add richness to the content. Instructors must facilitate student learning by encouraging cooperation, collaboration and professional networking. Students and instructors must practice inclusive skills to create a culture of respect and benefit from the diversity of a global online experience.

This session explored how to enrich your global learning environment by developing a diversity inclusive plan.

During this session;

  1. Participants identified common stereotypes and myths regarding cultural diversity.
  2. Participants examined challenges in a diverse virtual learning environment.
  3. Participants defined inclusive strategies to create a climate for learning.
  4. Participants developed an action plan for implementation.


Washington, D.C.