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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University researchers analyzed 811 (118 faculty and 693 student) comments to determine perceptions of group work in the academic setting. The biggest issue noted by both groups was allocation of grades for group members. Students perceived that all students received the same grade in a group project, regardless of effort. Most faculties did not share that perception, but noted difficulties in assigning group grades as well. Faculty and students described difficulties encountered by students when working on group projects in online or distance learning settings due to limited interaction and time zone differences and/or different work schedules. Faculty and students also encouraged faculty to closely monitor group projects and mentor students through group formation and goal setting. Recommendations include future research on age, gender, ethnic background relative to group projects, and case studies identifying best practices and identification on where group projects should be placed in a college curriculum.

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Journal of Education and Human Development



American Research Institute for Policy Development