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Aeronautical Science

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Fall 9-29-2016


In response to attrition rates, the Department of Aeronautical Science in the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ, analyzed how best to identify and assist students who were struggling with their flight training. In order to maximize student retention, students at risk must be identified early, prior to training failure or financial distress. The assessment of these findings of the flight program and the attrition rates resulted in a “Student Success Initiative” (SSI) being established that would identify students approaching ‘at-risk’ points in flight training, both fixed-wing and helicopter. These students would be assessed and ultimately required to attend an intervention session with support staff in coordination with his/her academic faculty advisor and/or flight staff. This meeting concludes with a contract of expectations signed by the student that includes a plan of action and specific timelines. One critical challenge in the implementation of the SSI program was to find an effective way to provide support for students in the program. The answer was to develop a program manned by “peer counselors” to provide tutoring and other support resources for students in need of help.


Omaha, Nebraska