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For students in an air traffic control discipline, simulated training time is limited to in - class time and is divided among the entire class. Students are required to advance and obtain knowledge, skills, and abilities in the lab because there is almost no way to practice at home. All students learn at different rates as well as through different learning styles. Swivl is a digital learning/capture tool designed to enhance student learning by allowing students to refer back to the individual classroom lab training session via an online portal.

Swivl is currently being used in two ATC Lab courses. There are two technological deficiencies that have arisen: (1) Swivl (in the Terminal Radar Approach Control and En - Route Radar environments) lacks the ability to record what is being said over the frequencies. (2) Swivl does not have the ability to focus on the radar scope targets. As a result, the students’ captures have a deficiency in visual clarity. However, the nature of the tower simulator does allow for better visual acuity and effective communication exchange within the Swivl capture.


Prescott, AZ