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The flipped classroom requires students to study concepts before the class, apply what they learn in the classroom, and work with other students, which then makes it possible to get immediate feedback from the instructor. However, the student’s perception of the flipped classroom is not widely investigated in the area of engineering graphics. This paper presents a study of the flipped classroom in a Graphical Communications course. Students are required to study course material online before the face-to-face classroom experience. The online course study includes multimedia materials and an online quiz that they are required to take. The results of anonymous student surveys show that flipped classroom is effective only when it is designed in an appropriate way.


Nashua, NH

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Sun, L. (2016). Students' perception of the flipped classroom in graphical communications, ASEE Engineering Design Graphics Division - 71st Midyear Conference, Nashua, NH, October 16-18, 2016.