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Dr. Marcham was the team leader of this project and was one of 14 members who created this white paper. Electronic-cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-powered devices of many different configurations that deliver vaporized nicotine and other chemicals or flavorings to users, but that do not contain tobacco or require combustion. E-cigarettes have an internal, rechargeable, battery-operated heat source that converts liquid nicotine and/or flavorings into a mist or vapor that the user inhales. These devices are frequently promoted as a healthier or safer alternative to traditional cigarettes for users and bystanders. Consequently, there has been growing interest among manufacturers and others to allow e-cigarettes to be used indoors and in other settings where traditional cigarettes have previously been banned. There has, however, been conflicting and at times confusing information presented to the public regarding the public health risks and benefits associated with e-cigarettes. This white paper attempts to present the best available science on the subject today.


American Industrial Hygiene Association

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This white paper was sponsored by the AIHA Indoor Environmental Quality Committee and Risk Assessment Committee.