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In October, 2009, the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) chartered a team to conduct the Manufacturers' Safety Management Systems (MSMS) pilot project. The pilot project began in January, 2011, and encourages voluntary implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) among aviation Design and Manufacturing (D&M) organizations in order to allow the FAA to assess how to provide oversight of these systems. Eleven companies representing the breadth of organizations that AIR oversees participated.

The MSMS pilot project culminated in December, 2012. Information, results, and lessons learned from the pilot project were captured via the MSMS Teams' final deliverable to AIR-150. The report was prepared by a number of members, including Alan J. Stolzer of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


Federal Aviation Administration

smsB-1.pdf (1066 kB)
Design & Manufacturing (D&M) Safety Management System (SMS) Pilot Project Guide

dev guideB-2.pdf (366 kB)
Developmental Guidance for Design and Manufacturing Safety Management System Framework, Revision D

ipppB-3.pdf (342 kB)
Integrated Pilot Project Plan for the Manufacturers' Safety Management System (MSMS) Pilot Project, Revision 31

smsB-4.xlsm (687 kB)
Gap Analysis and Implementation Plan Tool, Revision 7

smsB-5.pdf (147 kB)
Study Comparing AS9100C and SMS Framework

smsB-6.pdf (327 kB)
System Description and Hazard Identification: A Process for Design and Manufacturing Organizations

smsB-7.pdf (30 kB)
ETOPS and SMS Study

smsB-8.pdf (29 kB)
RVSM and SMS Study

smsB-9.pdf (134 kB)
Comparison between the MSMS Framework, revision A and Proposed Part 5