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Public speaking is a course required in many degree programs traditionally taught in a face to face setting. Online and hybrid courses are now offered by many institutions in addition to traditional courses, and they are more likely to include mediated speech assignments. Mediated speaking situations include webinars, videoconferences, video recordings of speeches on DVD or YouTube, and other options that students may well find themselves using in their personal and professional communication. Online and some hybrid courses assign mediated speaking situations for the submission of speeches, not as a genre unto itself. In traditional face to face public speaking courses, mediated speeches are less common. Because the applications for mediated speeches are increasing, this paper presents a process used in a mediated speech assignment to attempt to increase student learning as defined by some of the student learning outcomes in the course.

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Florida Communication Journal


Florida Communication Association

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Blomstrom, S.A., Hayford, B., & Mumpower, L. (2016) Audio Tours of Fish: Angling for an Effective Mediated Speech. Florida Communication Journal, 44(2).