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In this day and age, knowing a programming language is an essential skill to have for those pursuing a career in any of the STEM fields. In most colleges and universities around the world, engineering and computer science students are required to take an introductory course in a programming language. However, many students find these courses intimidating and too challenging. This paper explores a psychological perspective on learning programming languages using Second Language Acquisition (SLA) theories. The paper also describes the basic function of how learning works and how SLA aids in the learning process. This paper also briefly discusses the Second Language Acquisition in a Blended Learning (SLA-aBLe) project, and how the use of SLA techniques facilitated students learning MATLAB. Demographic survey data and overall grade data from spring 2016 show that students in the SLA-aBLe courses received overall higher grades and felt less overwhelmed and intimidated.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Rohmeyer, R. Espejo, P., Sun, L., and Frederick, C. “A Human Factors Perspective on Learning Programming Languages using a Second Language Acquisition Approach”, 2017 ASEE Zone II Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 2-5, 2017.