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This paper describes a design and implementation of a Second Language Acquisition in a Blended Learning (SLA-aBLe) project that aims to examine the efficacy of SLA approaches for teaching programming language. The project, which has been running for three semesters, modifies specific learning modules in a programming language class using a series of shorter videos with subtitles, online quizzes with tiered questions and comments, and a topic specified discussion board with Q&A sections. The SLA aspect of the SLA-aBLe study is emphasized through the use of strategies defined as best-practice SLA techniques, such as the inclusion of self-testing tired questions and visual-aided explanation in screencasts, more online programming writing assessment, more collaboration, and ‘speak aloud’ in labs. A series of surveys assessing students’ perceptions, attitudes, and satisfaction of students in the SLA-aBLe, and control groups were analyzed. Their academic performance on exam scores was compared. A random group of students were selected and interviewed face-to-face each semester to understand the effectiveness of the SLA-aBLe design. Assessment results confirmed the effectiveness of SLA-aBLe design.


Columbus, OH

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Sun, L., Frederick, C., Ding, L., & Rohmeyer, R. “The Application of Second Language Acquisition to Programming Language Study”, ASEE Annual Conference, Columbus, OH, June 24-28, 2017