ScrumTutor: A Web-Based Interactive Tutorial for Scrum Software Development

Sindhura Potineni, Arizona State University
Srividya K. Bansal, Arizona State University
Ashish Amresh, Arizona State University

Dr. Amresh was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time this paper was published.


In a traditional software engineering class, students are typically engaged in theoretical lectures followed by homework assignments or a project. Use of hands-on training and laboratory activities using realworld projects is more likely to produce students with a higher level of achievement and more confidence in the course material. If every topic or technique introduced in the course has a corresponding hands-on activity that demonstrates an application or use of the concept in the industry, students better understand the need for the technique and the learning environment is more interactive, engaging, and interesting to students. This paper presents a project called ScrumTutor that aims at providing an engaging learning experience of Scrum Software development process through a web-based Interactive tutorial. It is designed and developed for undergraduate students in introductory Software Engineering courses. This software tool introduces its users to modern software engineering methodology used these days in the software industry known as Agile Software Development that includes the Scrum framework for managing software projects or products.