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The research paper provides an overview of low-cost carrier (LCC) development in the post- Soviet states with the analysis of the largest aviation market in Russia. The LCC model seeks to achieve a competitive advantage through the reduction of operating costs below the traditional airline model. Since the post-Soviet states are emerging economies, airlines face a high level of uncertainty and experience a number of unique problems. While the global community enjoys the benefits offered by LCCs, the question remains why this model has not been successful in the 15 newly formed countries, with the exception of the Hungarian low-cost subsidiary Wizz Air Ukraine. Convenient geographic location, large population with comparable GDP per capita, high levels of tourism, and good transportation infrastructure make this market very attractive for domestic and foreign-based LCCs. The research addresses strategies employed by airlines, as well as the challenges and opportunities. The airline classifications and data is collected using the Flightglobal database. Future strategies, including government legislation, are discussed in order to promote the LCC business model as a successful option to compete in these markets.


Bergamo, Italy