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The study of aerodynamics has been preoccupied with understanding flight at increasing speeds and ultimately supersonic. Today, this pursuit has advanced the science for both Hypersonic and Transonic flight to near Mach 1 supporting economical commercial flight operations. This research presents the data from a Taguchi array on low speed with twin wing designs to establish the design parameters for their use in low speed and high altitude. Also presented is how aerodynamic advantages can be achieved through understanding the interactions of parameters and their use. This is compared to operational effectiveness when applied to remotely piloted aircraft that are not constrained by direct requirements. The research concludes with suggestions for improved designs and further work that may enable higher altitudes with low speeds.

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This paper was presented at the 2017 Asia Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ACMAE), held in Yokohama, Japan, December 29-31, 2017.