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The present study is an attempt on histopathology of gill, liver, kidney and intestine of Channa punctatus after exposure to sublethal concentrations of anthraquinone vat dyes viz., vat blue 4 and vat green 1. The dyes has been found to produce several damages in the vital organs of C. punctatus leading to various lesions like extensive lamellar hypertrophy with some proliferation at the base of secondary lamellae and hyperplasia of intercellular epithelial cells in the gill; fat accumulation, hepatic necrosis, aggregation of polymorphonuclear leucocytes, hepatocellular degeneration and aggregation of hepatocytes in liver; while in kidney it caused hyperplastic of the haematopoietic tissue and the necrotic tubules were surrounded by interstitial haemorrhage. Moreover heavy odema and sloughing of the epidermal cells and extensive haemorrhage of the intestine were also observed.

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Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Monitoring


Palani Paramount Publications