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This scientific paper examines the feasibility of biofuels as a solution to the world‟s energy crisis. It studies the development of the four different generations of biofuel that have been discerned over the years, determining the pros and cons of each. The paper further investigates the issues concerning each generation, and determines how their successors have solved and improved on those problems. In order to give the reader an unbiased perspective, the paper studies both general advantages and disadvantages that encompasses social, economic and environmental impacts. Research and development on the first two generations of biofuels have matured, and case studies have been used to allude to their current applications. The challenge of making third and fourth generation biofuels economically viable has also been highlighted due to their significant environmental and production benefits over the first two generations. The prospects of third and fourth generation biofuels have also been looked into to determine its outlook in the near future. If these next generation biofuels can garner enough support and become cost-competitive, mankind‟s quest for an alternative, renewable source of energy may finally be completed.

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International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research


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