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Modernization is a process that moves towards efficiency. This affects most of the fields such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry, urban planning, policy, fossil fuel usage, manufacturing, technology, economic growth etc. This process plays a major role in moving forward making things faster, better and basically more efficient. The effects of modernization on all these fields bring about the major changes to aspects such as social, economic and the environment. The level of operation has increased from a domestic level; small family scale business to large commercial levels. As the level of operation increased, the utilization of natural resources increased gradually and paved way for the use of synthetic materials and machines. This shift brought about changes in attitude of managing resources and economic growth. Most of the countries upheld importance in maximizing short-term benefits in terms of economic efficiency rather than sustainability of the resources. The rapid increase in human population also contributed to this. This paper discusses about the impact of modernization on different perspectives such as socioeconomic, environmental and sustainability issues in the field of agriculture, fisheries, fossil fuel and energy sector in Asia pacific countries.

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International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research (IJBR)


BioIT International Journals