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We analyze the kinematics of thick disk and halo stars observed by the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope. We have constructed a sample of 7993 F, G, and K nearby main-sequence stars (d < 2 kpc) with estimates of position (x, y, z) and space velocity (U, V, W) based on color and proper motion from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR9 catalog. Three “phase-space overdensities” are identified in (V,√U2 + 2V 2) with significance levels of σ > 3. Two of them (the Hyades–Pleiades stream and the Arcturus–AF06 stream) have been identified previously. We also find evidence for a new stream (centered at V ∼ −180 km s−1) in the halo. The formation mechanisms of these three streams are analyzed. Our results support the hypothesis that the Arcturus–AF06 stream and the new stream originated from the debris of a disrupted satellite, while the Hyades–Pleiades stream has a dynamical origin.

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The Astrophysical Journal



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