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We have cross-matched the LAMOST DR3 with the Gaia DR1 TGAS catalogs and obtained a sample of 166,827 stars with reliable kinematics. A technique based on the wavelet transform was applied to detect significant overdensities in velocity space among five subsamples divided by spatial position. In total, 16 significant overdensities of stars with very similar kinematics were identified. Among these, four are new stream candidates and the rest are previously known groups. Both the UV velocity and metallicity distributions of the local sample show a clear gap between the Hercules structure and the Hyades–Pleiades structure. The UV positions of these peaks shift with the spatial position. Following a description of our analysis, we speculate on possible origins of our stream candidates.

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The Astrophysical Journal



IOP Publishing

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National Natural Science Foundation of China grants 11390371, 11233004, U1431106, 11573035, 11625313, NSF AST-1358787