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The ACRL Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services (ACRL 2000) define distance learning library services as, “… those … in support of college, university, or other post-secondary courses and programs offered away from a main campus, or in the absence of a traditional campus, and regardless of where credit is given. These courses may be taught in traditional or non-traditional formats or media, may or may not require physical facilities, and may or may not involve live interaction of teachers and students. The phrase is inclusive of courses in all post-secondary programs designated as extension, extended, off-campus, extended campus, distance, distributed, open, flexible, franchising, virtual, synchronous, or asynchronous.”

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Haworth Press

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Dr. Casey was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time this article was published. This article also appeared in the book, Electronic Resources and Collection Development, edited by Sul H. Lee, and published by Haworth Press in 2002.